The brands that make up Ptasia 6 will provide a fashionable woman with a unique look for every occasion, from a weekend in the afternoon with her closest friends to a formal meeting at work.

Here in comfortable conditions customers can feel the fabric, try on interesting styles and choose fashionable colors.

PTASIA 6 CONCEPT STORE, Ptasia 6 street, Warsaw


Poland’s fashion and textile industry have a long tradition, and the city of Lódz was one of the biggest textile production centers of 19th century Europe. During the communist era, the clothing industry was still an important part of the Polish economy, although production was limited to domestic and Soviet markets. Everything changed with the end of communism and the opening up of the Polish market. In the early nineties, Poles craved Western brands and wanted to appear Western as soon as possible. The Polish textile industry, not used to competition and unprepared for the sudden change in consumer needs, soon began to crumble, and the clothing market was taken over by foreign global brands. Twenty-five years later, a new change is coming as consumers no longer consider global brands to be as attractive as they once did.

Current consumers are far more aware, and many of them have begun to notice that the cheap mass production of clothing has many downsides, like pollution, labor exploitation and the low quality of “disposable” clothing. They often make an effort to verify where and how their clothes were produced. They no longer seek the latest fashion trend at the lowest price possible; they prefer to follow their individual taste, seek uniqueness, and put quality over quantity when shopping. Now, this so-called “slow fashion” trend has brought new life to the Polish fashion industry, and young brands are emerging, tailors are wanted again and fashion design schools are full of students.

Our concept store is also part of this new approach within Polish fashion. All our pieces are sewn in Poland in very limited quantities, either by small tailor shops or by the designers themselves who often treat fashion as a means of artistic expression rather than a business.

Ptasia 6 concept store was opened in 2014, and since then it has established itself as a place featuring the most interesting emerging Polish fashion designers. About 30 designer brands show their work at Ptasia 6, each with an individual approach to fashion and their own idea about what’s trendy. Currently, Ptasia 6 is showcasing exclusively women’s clothing, focusing mostly on daily elegance, office attire with a twist, party dresses, and even some lazy weekend outfits.

Ptasia 6 Polish fashion concept store is also available online (ptasia6.pl), although more items are available at our bricks and mortar location.


The iron curtain has fallen a long time ago, and currently shopping in Warsaw does not differ much from other European capitals. However, in comparison to other major European cities, Warsaw’s commerce is dominated by huge shopping malls, and shopping streets are limited.

The brands located in the shopping malls are all the same, so we are not going to discuss them since you can find most of them in your location.


Ptasia 6, Warsaw


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